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Wrist Group: Goodbye to Old-Fashioned ERP-Reports

“It took us about 375 hours to build functionality with an associated restitution report in Microsoft® Dynamics™ AX. Simply by approaching the process as a Business Intelligence task, TimeXtender® generated the exact same report in only few hours,” says Brian Lindgaard Jensen, project manager and software responsible at Wrist Europe.

At first, Brian Lindgaard simply did not believe that TimeXtender was able to owe up to its promise of cutting 80% of the time building a new data warehouse. “I was proven very wrong,” Lindgaard says: “In one week, the structure of our future data warehouse was completed.”

Business Intelligence Challenges

Wrist Group had two major challenges when the search for a Business Intelligence tool began. First, the company knew that the data quality was poor, and influenced forward-acting decision making negatively. Wrist has spent vast amounts of resources balancing data and correcting discrepancies between cubes and sources. With TimeXtender, the company is able to control the quality of the data and gain a much faster and valid basis for decision-making. Second, Wrist Group did not have the IT resources to build a BI system themselves. The IT department consists of five persons whose only responsibility is to operate and handle the maintenance of hardware and software. Any decisions about buying new IT equipment lie solely with the business. A weighty requirement to the future Business Intelligence solution was therefore that Lindgaard himself and the other business developers in Wrist would be able to work the system themselves: This demand too was fulfilled with TimeXtender.

Business Intelligence Geared to the Future

Wrist Group has not been accustomed with instantaneous views of their business. Because data derives from different ERP-systems, it took the finance department quite some time to piece together the report that shows turnover per country. In comparison, it took a specialist from TimeXtender only three days to set up the BI tool, transfer all data and build four major cubes: Business operations, purchase, warehouse and customs/logistics. “I had expected it to take 10 days”, Lindgaard says. ”Now I can get to the data I need – whenever I need it. TimeXtender enables me to navigate ahead wisely.

Trustworthy data are the alpha and omega of a continued and steady growth. – Brian Lindegaard Jensen, Project Manager, software responsible at Wrist Europe

Wrist Group operates in an industry where trustworthy data are the alpha and omega of a continued and steady growth. “All the more reason for us only to deploy in intelligent software like TimeXtender that can handle the additional flow of data deriving from big business,” says Lindgaard Jensen.

Hard-Nosed Development

Lindgaard Jensen believes that business intelligence has nothing to do with IT: “Business Intelligence lies solely with the management. As such, TimeXtender supports hard-nosed business development. It is a tool that can be handled even by business analysts like me. In other words: I am not dependent on external IT consultants any longer, but can actually hire people with a business mind rather than a programming mind to handle and develop TimeXtender further so that it fits the exact needs of Wrist Group. It minimizes our dependency on named resources and the need for SQL programming as the system automatically generates the code.”