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TimeXtender and Qlik – Helping bWise Build their Business by Building Business Value

With 140 customers and millions of dollars in profit, bWise is one of Qlik’s largest and most successful partners. The founders have been in the BI space since the 90s and founded bWise 2002. Over the years they’ve built a large number of data warehouses using traditional methods.

“For business users, getting access to corporate data is always an issue and building a data warehouse is always the solution. But building a data warehouse traditionally takes time,” says Per Anders Waaler, CTO and Partner of bWise.

Needless to say, the team was skeptical when first approached by TimeXtender. “We asked a lot of questions and the more we heard, the more we liked the answers.” Turns out that TimeXtender provides the perfect foundational platform for Qlik’s visual front end solution.

Closing Deals Faster and Selling More

By adding TimeXtender to their portfolio, Waaler says his team is not only selling more solutions, they’re closing deals faster. “With a tool like this we can close large deals faster because we have solutions to both sides of the data warehouse challenge.”

Delivering Long Term Value

And that’s not the only benefit. Waaler says TimeXtender helped them address a challenge they were experiencing with their own business. “We were doing a lot of different scripting from a lot of different data sources – and when those sources moved or changed, we needed to do more scripting.“ But wait. Isn’t that good for business? Doesn’t it mean more billable hours?

“Our business is not about placing consultants on site and collecting an hourly rate. Our success is grounded in delivering business value and growing the long term relationship with our clients. TimeXtender helps us do that.“ – Per Anders Waaler, CTO and Partner of bWise

With TimeXtender and Qlik, bWise is setting itself apart from the competition by delivering business value faster, and more affordably than ever before.

“We are very enthusiastic about TimeXtender. We expect to have 15 to 20 Qlik and TimeXtender customers by the end of the year.”

In 2014 and 2015 bWise was recognized by Qlik as both Partner of the Year and the Fastest Growing Partner in Norway. With TimeXtender in their portfolio, the team expects their winning trend to continue.