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Strong data overview makes electronics production in Denmark possible

PR electronics constantly fine-tunes its production of signal processing products, which happens 100% on Danish soil. With a modern tool for data analysis from TimeXtender, among other things, PR electronics ensures an ultra-short reaction time to changes and challenges. This boosts the company’s profitability and competitiveness.

We cannot compete on the wage level in Denmark. Consequently, one needs to be more skilled on all other parameters. The electronics producer, PR electronics has all its product development and production in Rønde near Aarhus. Everywhere in the domicile, there are screens with figures that show the company’s “state of health”. The more than 200 employees can easily keep updated on the figures when they pass by a screen in the canteen, production or administration. The employees produce the customers’ orders “on demand” 16-hours a day, five days a week.

“PR electronics can succeed in having all development and production here in Denmark because we constantly optimise both the products and processes in our company,” tells Group Controller at the electronics producer, Helle Krogsgaard Jakobsen.

Just as PR electronics’ own products for signal processing help to create an overview of the processes and results right there where they are used, TimeXtender helps PR electronics to visualise its own data.

“The constant fine-tuning of the business requires that we have a manageable and agile tool where we can quickly and easily see, understand and tweak the development everywhere. I don’t have major technical abilities within programming. But even with my abilities, you can learn to use TimeXtender. Therefore, we can now operate our business intelligence solution in the finance department instead of the IT department. This is a huge advantage because, as accountants, we have a natural eye for what information the business can benefit from being able to see and then investigate further. It is easy and straightforward” – Helle Krogsgaard Jakobsen, Group Controller, PR electronics.

Manageability in the solution from TimeXtender is most welcome in a company where complexity usually reigns and the ambitions are sky-high.

“We have more than 100 different products, we develop seven new ones every year and PR electronics has delivered more than five million products globally since the company was established in 1974. The goal is to constantly increase sales by 15 percent per year on average. Therefore, we have also purchased the neighbouring properties so the production area can keep up with the growth in demand,” says Helle Krogsgaard Jakobsen.

As an analysis and reporting tool, PR electronics recently chose Data Warehouse Automation from TimeXtender instead of its previous solution from another vendor, which was based on more traditional paradigms. The switch to the TX DWA solution has contributed to minimising the distance from need to solution at PR electronics. Flemming Hjerrild Kristensen, Business Controller at PR electronics has found this to be a major advantage in the working day.

“The time that passes from when a need arises until a solution to the need is ready is very important so that we can actually assist management and colleagues with relevant answers fast enough when they have an enquiry. The switch to TimeXtender’s solution has meant a significant improvement because we can dive down into the figures and details ourselves. TimeXtender’s structure means that we can also see and understand the basis for the figures we are looking at,” explains Flemming Hjerrild Kristensen.

Month after month, PR electronics connects more data from various data sources to the TimeXtender solution, so data can be retrieved directly from all systems and be analysed and compared in any front-end system. Thus, the data flow in PR electronics has become far simpler than before. So TimeXtender is back-end and ZAP is front-end in the business intelligence solution at the electronics producer.

Hear Helle Krogsgaard Jakobsen from PR electronics explain the benefits her company get from a TimeXtender solution.

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