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Secop Gains Comprehensive Business Overview

Secop had become an independent company, but lost their BI solution in the process. They attempted to compensate with Excel spreadsheets and a SQL database which rapidly became untenable.

“The process was slow and time consuming, and sometimes the numbers were erroneous because the process was partly manual…our controllers spent their time correcting errors instead of analyzing data”, says Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director at Secop

Then the employee who designed the patch left Secop. He took the ability to modify and customize data with him. That’s when Secop started searching in earnest for a BI solution that was non-key person dependent. It also needed to have a flexible and simple data warehousing component with an easy to use front-end. Oh, and be stable, affordable and easy to implement and maintain. Please and thank you.

At first, the solution seemed obvious. Go with SAP. It’s where you have your ERP system. But then CGI appeared on the scene with TimeXtender and Targit in tow, meeting all Secop’s demands without batting an eyelash. “When we began the implementation, we could start transferring data from SAP to TimeXtender within hours. Halfway through the implementation, we minimized the support from CGI, and the entire implementation was completed in half the estimated time”, says Jesper Daugaard.

”In six weeks TimeXtender has accomplished what others have tried to do in six months with
SAP BW” – Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director, Secop.

The benefits of this solution have been felt across departments. Management can efficiently obtain the latest statement of incoming orders and adapt production capacity to demand. They can access comprehensive reporting on the most profitable products and focus on market development. Sales reps can access overviews of their performance or customer’s orders quickly and without an IT degree. The IT department can solve problems in minutes that once took days or even weeks.

Secop is on the inside track to success. Improved sales. Perfectly adapted production. Overview of future sales and prices. The ability to focus on the highest profit products. That’s the reality for Secop now.