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Modern Data Warehouse: Seeing is Believing

With over 2,000 faculty, 20,000 students, and 42 degree programs, VIA University College needed a better way to manage and generate insight from their growing volumes of data. They were looking for a robust information management system that was fast, agile and easy to manage. They researched extensively, got recommendations from other colleges and universities, and evaluated numerous vendors. In the end, only one team remained – the team from TimeXtender and Climber that represented a joint solution based on TimeXtender and Qlik Sense.

“TimeXtender provides a fast and flexible backend so we can access the data we need when we need it. And Qlik Sense helps us visualize that data so we can make mission critical decisions.” Allan Nordestgaard, Dept. Manager of IT-development and BI-project, VIA

Why TimeXtender and Qlik Sense

There are many reasons why VIA chose the TimeXtender-Qlik Sense solution. First, they had a number of hard, fast deadlines that needed to be met. This immediately eliminated many of the large, traditional BI vendors. Next, they were looking for an on-prem solution. And finally they wanted an agile solution that was easy to implement, and could be maintained in house.

“We need flexibility and agility. We need to be able to respond to regulatory changes and to market demands quickly and efficiently. That’s what the TimeXtender/Qlik Sense combination gives us.” Allan Nordestgaard, Dept. Manager of IT-development and BI-project, VIA.

VIA knew what they wanted and needed as a result of extensive research. Project managers interviewed the major business owners at VIA who were targeted to use the system. They diligently compared their business requirements with the many options available in the market.

Early on, they expressed an interest in Data Warehouse Automation from TimeXtender. TimeXtender conducted its own research into VIA’s needs. Because an easy to read graphic interface was very important, TimeXtender invited Climber to participate in pitching a joint solution. Their initial proposal was so well received, they got a 1 hour meeting with the steering committee.

A Bold Bet Pays off Big

With only 1 hour to win the decision makers over, the team from TimeXtender and Climber made a bold move. They told the audience they would build a data warehouse, right before their eyes, in 40 minutes or less. The statement was met with disbelief.

“We were skeptical to say the least. When we did our research we were told that it would take months to build a data warehouse. So when these guys did it in a matter of minutes, we were sold!” Allan Nordestgaard, Dept. Manager of IT-development and BI-project, VIA

And Yes! They built the data warehouse with time to spare. And time to talk about the number of Qlik Sense licenses that VIA would need. While we won’t share the exact number of licenses sold, we can tell you that Climber is the largest Qlik partner in Europe and this was one of their largest Qlik Sense licensing deals to date.

“This partnership has great potential!” says Jan Sipek, CEO of Climber. “We are all familiar with the ongoing battle between business users who are requiring ‘data, now!’ and overburdened IT teams who worry about governance and security. This combination, TimeXtender and Qlik Sense, has potential to bridge that gap and make both the Business and IT teams happy by providing data to everyone who needs it without inordinate delays and hand-coding.”