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kk-group Creates Data Revolution With TimeXtender

What if you could present all your company data, new as well as old, simple and easy? Using data from many different ERP systems, without using spreadsheets and without having to create reports manually… And what if the monthly reporting could be completed in days instead of weeks? This wasn’t the case at kk-group – but they liked the idea.

“The monthly reporting was the primary driving force for implementing Business Intelligence in the organization. Typically, we would be 15-20 days into the following month before the reports were ready, because we used spreadsheets to manually consolidate data from different ERP systems. At the same time, we were aware that we were feeding our systems with large amounts of data without getting much out of it. So we wanted to use Business Intelligence to strengthen sales and logistics,” explains Michael Flindt Nielsen.

Michael Flindt Nielsen is Finance Manager at ELOGIC a/s, which is one of two companies in kk-group. ELOGIC a/s delivers control and process automation solutions for industry in general, the marine sector, CHP plants, waterworks, and more. ELOGIC a/s also delivers power distribution equipment for housing units and industry alike. The other company, kk-electronic a/s, delivers control systems, data mining, and monitoring of wind energy and other energy sources as well as control electronics.

…the solution handles data from the different companies that make up kk-group, as well as data from different ERP systems. – Michael Flindt Nielsen, Finance Manager, ELOGIC a/s

Extracting and Cleansing Data

The BI solution is a combination of TimeXtender and Targit. TimeXtender is used to extract data from the ERP systems plus building cubes and dimensions, and Targit is used to analyze and present the data.

“More importantly, however, the solution handles data from the different companies that make up kk-group, as well as data from different ERP systems. At one point the BI solution gathered data from three different Dynamics NAV systems, two Dynamics XAL systems, and the Dynamics AX payroll module,” says Michael Flindt Nielsen.

ELOGIC uses Microsoft Dynamics AX, and kk-electronic will be moving to AX shortly. Moving forward, there will be one common Dynamics AX solution for both companies. “This will not change the role of the BI solution, though. It will be our report generator. We will no longer develop reports within Dynamics AX,” adds Michael Flindt Nielsen.

Monthly Reporting in 5 Days Instead of 20

The time saved by using the BI solution speaks for itself. But that’s not all – the BI solution has also resulted in transparent data. “The people in charge of our budgets have gained deeper insight, because they are able to seek information all the way through the system, right down to the transaction level. We have broken down the barrier between data and people. This has resulted in greater economic responsibility. When you can see, what the money is spent on, there is no excuse for not being careful with them”, says Michael Flindt Petersen.

“We have managed to change the information stream. Instead of being re-active and defensive, and spending time on requests and detective work, the finance department has become a supplier of data. Now, we have the time to analyze data and challenge the organization by putting together different information packages. For example, if we want to draw attention to the earnings of a specific business area,” explains Michael Flindt Nielsen.

He emphasizes another important aspect of solid information. “If four managers meet to discuss the turnover, they no longer have individual reports, measuring different parameters. The managers now have uniform, valid, and recent data.”

“Today, our finance department uses the BI tool in a variety of areas. Deliveries have become a focal point. Which terms are not being met – and at how many customers? We have also increased attention on sales – in particular on monitoring which offerings that need follow up. Plus: we can see which customers end up ordering from us. So the sales process has become much more targeted,” adds Michael Flindt Nielsen.

Michael Flindt Nielsen sums up the most important aspects of BI. “It’s the transparency and the level of knowledge that has been created in our organization. We no longer believe – now we know.”