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Fertin Pharma Turns to TimeXtender for Enhanced Data Warehousing and ETL Capabilities

Fertin Pharma is one of the world’s leading producers of pharmaceutical chewing gum and an affiliated company of Gumlink, a leading producer in the world of chewing gum for the business-to-business market. The two companies share their headquarters and IT department at Gumlink in Vejle, Denmark.

Recently Fertin Pharma revolutionized the way it produces reports with a new business intelligence solution combining TimeXtender and the analysis system Targit. Operational since spring 2008, the company has noticed a number of significant benefits compared to its legacy system.

“The old solution was both expensive and slow, because we had to manually write code to extract data and create reports. Now meeting new user requirements is much faster and less expensive, because we can make the changes ourselves,” says the chewing gum manufacturer’s IT project manager Jens Erik Møller. “Both TimeXtender and Targit are so user-friendly that we can –in almost all cases- create data extractions and reports ourselves.”

The first demonstration of TimeXtender was pretty convincing , recalls Møller. “We were impressed by what they showed us. It was obvious that TimeXtender was a much more simple and user-friendly extraction tool than the standard tools we used for SQL programming. The combination of TimeXtender and Targit was also more flexible and inexpensive than the other business intelligence solution that we were considering at the time.”

We use TimeXtender to extract data to presentation. And it is simply the solution that we all dreamed of, both in the IT Department and among management. Because it is both fast and user-friendly. – IT System Manager Jens Erik Møller, Fertin Pharma A/S

Fertin Pharma therefor asked TimeXtender to help with a pilot project, where data from Microsoft Dynamics AX was extracted to Targit via TimeXtender. “This project was very successful and showed that the combination of TimeXtender and Targit was the optimal business intelligence solution for us,” says Møller.

Smooth Data Warehouse Implementation

“Implementation was on time and on budget and the technology works. We now have one developer who uses TimeXtender and around 30 Targit users in different company departments, and we are energetically working on bringing more solutions into operation,” says Møller and adds:

“We are completely satisfied with the business intelligence situation, and also with the support we receive from TimeXtender. They are not just extremely capable consultants who know their stuff professionally – they are also people who are always pleasant to work with.”

Today, TimeXtender is used to extract data from different data systems and transfer them to the data cubes that Targit uses for analysis and reporting. The data sources include Microsoft Dynamics AX (which has replaced the legacy enterprise resource planning system BPCS), a system called Prophix and Microsoft SQL Server.

“We use TimeXtender to extract data and Targit to present that data, and it is simply the solution that we all dreamed of – both in the IT department and among management,” concludes Møller. “It’s fast, user friendly, and the total cost of ownership is low, because we are able to adapt and modify it ourselves.”