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Discovery Hub® Reduces Ad Campaign Reporting Hours by 68%

Every two weeks, creative ad agency POSSIBLE faced a herculean task of reporting campaign results based on 10 different data sources, applying 20 different measures on 70+ products delivered by 100+ media partners.

A TimeXtender demo introduced POSSIBLE to Discovery Hub® that streamlined the complex source aggregation into actionable data. After a surprisingly fast implementation period, the “data munging” performed by POSSIBLE’s analysts has now been reduced 68%.

Associate Director of Marketing Sciences at POSSIBLE, Harmony Crawford, refers to a Dilbert cartoon when trying to explain what it was like having her analysts spend an average of 35 hours each week just processing data before they could derive insights on media campaigns and give client recommendations. In the strip, Dilbert’s colleague comes into the cubicle saying: “Can you check my spreadsheet for accuracy?” where to Dilbert replies “It’s an impenetrable jumble of poorly organized data with cryptic labels.”


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“That’s where the ‘TimeXtender magic’ comes in. All our data acquisition and aggregation processes can now be automated, and the transformation rules written into the database build process.”


– Harmony Crawford, Associate Director of Marketing Sciences, POSSIBLE