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Democratizing Data with DWA

The world relies on Mott. Mott relies on TimeXtender Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) to serve the world.

For 60 years, Mott has delivered custom manufacturing to help make important things work. From precision porous gas filters for industry to intricate mechanisms for NASA, Mott prides itself on quality workmanship and the fastest manufacturing processes in the business.

Over time, Mott’s IT department has had to meet growing expectations of data access and efficient reporting processes across all departments. According to Anthony Antony, head of ERP Applications, Mott was experiencing challenges due to an ERP solution that was not meeting its needs.

IT had a backlog of requests for custom reports, which required coding experience and could take weeks to create. The workforce was constantly requesting raw data, creating an unsustainable load on the servers and constant manual data sorting (usually in Excel) by various departments. Complex sales estimates could take days to generate, and Mott’s data driven CEO was hungry for better reporting, cleaner data, and more real time access.

Realizing a change was needed, Antony issued a challenge to several vendors, and TimeXtender responded with a proof of concept report in three hours, fully integrating and sourcing from Mott’s real time systems within a day. Final delivery of seven critical reports, fully integrated with a complete data warehouse, happened in three weeks. With the industry’s shortest lead times, Mott was now prepared to increase the speed of its internal processes to match production expectations.

The sudden availability of data, after years of perseverance to collect and distribute the needed information to the right people at the right time, has required the entire organization to evolve in ways not anticipated. Custom sales estimates take as little as 15 minutes. Mott’s CEO now has real time insights into any data Mott has gathered, and departments and divisions can more quickly ramp up and report back, better informing big decisions. Team leader dashboards refresh every 10 minutes, showing real time delivery statistics, minimizing downtime and overload. Custom reports are easy to generate, and require no coding.

With the TimeXtender DWA solution, IT is able to deliver on a request in hours instead of days or weeks.

“It’s fair to say the solution has helped us scope projects, respond, and streamline operations,” Antony said. “After the implementation, we’ve also been able to move on to other projects. For example, the new system has helped us build a new pricing tool. Before, that would have cost us.” – Anthony Antony, Head of ERP Applications, Mott Corporation

All systems are freed up for their most focused work. Network speeds are easier to maintain, sales pipelines are flowing more freely, and delivery systems are optimized.

“I want people to know it’s not too good
to be true. A quality DWA implementation does not have to take nine months,” Antony said. “I would recommend TimeXtender to anyone with DWA and reporting needs.” With a laugh, Antony added, “just know, if you engage TimeXtender, get ready to evolve. Real time data, accessible by everyone in the organization, is a game changer, for everyone.”
Get ready for data democracy.