Creating accurate and timely business insights reports with TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub – TimeXtender

Creating accurate and timely business insights reports with TimeXtender’s Discovery HubⓇ

Who wouldn’t want to take the drudgery out of compiling report data while at the same time reducing the potential for errors?

Nedap N.V. has been developing smart technical applications to solve tomorrow’s challenges since 1929. The company believes that a smarter application of technology can help solve tomorrow’s challenges. Nedap professionals have a thorough understanding of what technology needs to do for customers and end users and how they prefer to use it.

Keeping track of business

With its emphasis on intelligent, intuitive identification systems, Nedap was keenly aware of challenges within its own internal operations caused by different international offices using differing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems with inconsistent levels of compatibility. Nedap’s Application manager Andre Bleumink noted:

“The problem we had was that we needed information from the ERP systems of each of our ten or so offices. They all work in Navision, so we could easily put a lot of sales data in. Our big problem was getting the data out in a controlled fashion. We started to use QlikView as a reporting tool, but the only way to get the data into QlikView was by exporting data from our different ERP systems through CSV files before then loading them into QlikView as a source.”

You don’t have to be completely familiar with these particular systems to understand the problem here:  data was being shoved from one place to another manually.

“Within each individual country, the system worked well, but while we would have accurate reporting of what was going on in Spain or the UK or Germany, it was hard to produce a report that gave an overview of the whole company. Also, what’s considered the standard data format in Hong Kong could be slightly different from that in Europe, so to make a meaningful comparison of business units, we would have to load everything from all the different sources before creating a single, standardised database for each report. Eventually, we just couldn’t keep up with it.”

The TimeXtender Solution

Most of Nedap’s own staff have no idea that Nedap uses Discovery HubⓇ. In fact, only a couple of Nedap’s employees, Andre Bleumink plus Application Manager Jacqueline Hofmeijer, ever have to use it. Yet by implementing Discovery HubⓇ, Nedap has slashed the time it takes to produce reports, stomped on report errors and allowed the company to present a single overview across all of its international bases.


  • Minimal Disruption By replacing the source for QlikView by TimeXtender in a gradual rollout, other parts of the business were unaffected and probably blissfully unaware of its implementation.
  • Time Savings What used to take days now takes a few hours.
  • Accuracy Prior to the Discovery HubⓇ, data produced for reports through QlikView wasn’t always the most recent, and there was no way to verify data accuracy.
  • Ease of Use Users can now see relevant columns pre-selected and presented in a view that gives files recognizable, common-language titles rather than cryptic database headings.
  • Freedom of Choice Discovery HubⓇ can easily flow data into QlikView but also into Power BI and Excel, so Nedap has the freedom to work with any front-end tool they want.