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Automated data warehouse in Elanders Sweden AB

TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation Platform (TX DWA) has played a significant role in the Swedish company, Elanders Sweden AB’s business and finance reporting. Consequently, the data warehouse has contributed positively to the parent company, Elanders’, transformation from a traditional graphics company to a modern, global supplier of digital print solutions.

A sound data warehouse, built on TX DWA from TimeXtender has ensured high quality and credibility in the information for several years and has delivered intelligent reporting for the finance function and management. TX DWA has produced information that has supported many important decisions in the development Elanders Sweden AB has been through.

Easy maintenance and operation

Elanders Sweden AB’s data warehouse solution and business intelligence back-end is attended to by the IT department and the company’s digital transformation has meant that, in the subsidiary, many different people have had to take over the operation of the TX DWA solution. They all ensure that data and data sources are updated daily.

“It has been easy to take over and manage the TX DWA solution because it is user-friendly and easy to operate. My colleagues and I have not needed to attend courses, training or use expensive external consultants to help us get started. TX DWA is so intuitive that we can handle data and functionality ourselves. It is a very easy tool to maintain and when the finance function asks for new reports, we are able to quickly connect data sources and produce standard reports in the system.” – Patrik Gustafsson, Elanders Sweden AB.

The parent company, Elanders’, business model builds on three areas which, since the crisis in 2008 and the subsequent digitization of the industry, has made the company a global service provider on four continents. All three business areas – Supply Chain Solutions, Print & Packaging Solutions, where the data warehouse, in particular, has been used, and e-Commerce Solutions are current growth areas. The most recent consolidated financial statements showed a growth in turnover of 78 percent which, to a great extent has its cause in the acquisition of the company, Mentor Media. The acquired company comprises the core in the new business area, Supply Chain Solutions.

“We are in a very interesting development period in Elanders Sweden AB where we are increasing our global presence and developing new business areas. Business Intelligence plays a key role in this process and the information – the correct information, mind you – delivered at the right time is crucial to management’s decision-making process and the management of the company. The TX DWA platform means that we can provide the necessary management information, analyses and reports on the business,” says Maria Leijon, CFO of Elanders Sweden.

All reports are produced in a “report builder” and distributed from there to the business users who, through various tools, have access to data.

“We retrieve data from both external and internal sources,” explains Patrik Gustafsson

Elanders Sweden AB has high ambitions for the future and the successful turnaround must be followed up by further growth. Business Intelligence will continue to play an essential role in this process and, according to Maria Leijon, the TX DWA solution has many good years ahead in which it will support the company’s strategy looking forward.