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Ardo A/S Chooses TimeXtender to Pool Data

Ardo A/S was sceptical the first time they heard about TimeXtender Data Warehouse Automation (DWA), which can dramatically reduce the resources spent on data analysis and reporting. As an international food product company, Ardo A/S needs extensive reporting and analysis to guide operations and development. TimeXtender’s software sounded simply too good to be true.

Following his first meeting with TimeXtender, CIO Kristian Bonde was pleasantly surprised: “After just a brief introduction to TimeXtender, it was clear to me that we owed it to ourselves to try out the software. We did not expect TimeXtender’s consultants to be able to do a POC – Proof of Concept – in just one day, but they pulled it off.”

“In one day we had installed TimeXtender, set up connections to our DB2 and SQL databases, transferred data to stage and on to the data warehouse, and created OLAP cubes. With just a few clicks we could retrieve data from several different source systems and combine them in a data warehouse structure, without writing any form of code. This made it even more clear that this was a system we could not afford to be without.”

With the help of TimeXtender’s technology, Ardo A/S now has a solid reporting platform which has given the entire group a single common data foundation. Data from the company’s MOVEX M3 ERP system, Operator MES system and other data sources in various countries has now been merged, giving Ardo A/S faster, better and cheaper reports, including off-line access using the Offline Cube Processing feature.

In just a few years, coding a data warehouse will also be unthinkable – Kristian Bonde, CIO, Ardo A/S

As an extra benefit, TimeXtender has optimised Ardo A/S’ use of existing IT systems, and it is now quick and easy to upgrade the ERP system. The result is fast, real-time information which allows the company to respond far more quickly to changes in the market, internally within the organisation, or in connection with the consolidation of new subsidiaries.

Kristian Bonde sees it as an advantage that all maintenance and data validation takes place in a single system, and highlights another advantage: “After completing just a four-day course at TimeXtender, we are now able to create and maintain our data warehouse ourselves via the graphical interface.”

“I see TimeXtender DWA as a huge breakthrough in data warehousing, equivalent to the advances in word processing. Back in the humble beginnings of the IT age, we had to write code to put text in bold font or italics – now we simply highlight the text and click. Few people think about this advance today. TimeXtender is a modern parallel to the revolution in word processing, which is giving a major boost to the collection and processing of data in a data warehouse. In just a few years, coding a data warehouse will also be unthinkable,” concludes CIO Kristian Bonde.