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TimeXtender Data Estate Builder (5)

A walk down memory lane

In a few months, I can celebrate my 9-year work anniversary at TimeXtender.

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Data Warehouse Automation: start by automating what you already have

Data Warehouse Automation (continued *) – article number two in the why/how/what/who/ series of Data Warehouse Automation

Start with automating...

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Null Values in your Data Estate, Now What?

I’m sure most of the BI developers have the experience of having a customer ask about why there are null values in their report and what they...

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TX2014 SR2 Highlights

Building a data warehouse with TX2014 is already much faster than the alternative: coding the entire solution “by hand”.
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Your SSIS Developers (SSISies) Can Do More

Let’s face it, there are more efficient ways for your team to spend their time.

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DWA - What Does It Really Mean?

Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) is all the rage right now. But what do we really mean when we say that TX2014 is a Data Warehouse Automation...

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ERP is moving from project to process - but what about reporting?

You no longer expect your ERP system to last 15 years - but have your reporting tools adapted to this new reality?

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