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TimeXtender Data Estate Builder (4)

Data Preparation: Seven Hot Spots Many Companies Overlook

In an organization, the ability to access and use data can provide an edge over the competition, help weather storms in volatile markets and...

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[2 min. Video] GDPR & the Task of Compliance

Organizations worldwide brace for impact with the incoming data compliance mandate known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), an EU...

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Our New Cloud Release – 3 Things your Boss will want to know

We’re passionate about the value offered by data and automation because time matters.We want to help you, our partners and customers, to make...

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How To Live Happily Ever After With Multiple Business Intelligence Tools.

FREE Webinar on 20 June 2017 with Boris Evelson, vice president, principal analyst serving application development & delivery professionals,...

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DWA how-to: performance tracing

Performance tracing automatically tracks every execution task that occurs in TX DWA. You can clearly see the start time, end time, duration and...

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DWA how-to: multiple users

Want to have multiple users work on a project at the same time? TX DWA enables multiple users to check in or check out areas of a project they...

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DWA how-to: documentation

The documentation feature in TX DWA extracts every detail of Discovery Hub and outlines it in portable document format. And it's customizable; you...

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DWA how-to: full integration with existing data warehouse

Want to import tables from your existing data warehouse? No problem! TX DWA allows for easy integration of your existing data warehouse. Quickly...

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DWA how-to: execution engine

The execution engine built into TX DWA makes loading data easy and fast. Load multiple data streams simultaneously and optimize your processing...

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DWA how-to: avoiding circular references

Qlik's innovative associative architecture is incredibly powerful. However, when using an associative model, a common issue is the dreaded...

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DWA how-to: data lineage

Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily visually trace a data point throughout its lifecycle and back to its origin point? The TX DWA data lineage...

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DWA how-to: connectors and adapters

The various data source connectors in TimeXtender's Discovery Hub® platform allow you to connect to virtually any data source on the market, from...

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TX DWA How-To: Version Control

Want to see previous versions of your project or roll back to a previous version on TX DWA software? The TX DWA Version Control feature allows...

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DWA how-to: incremental loading

Incremental loading is the process of extracting only new and modified records from a database. Using incremental loading improves system...

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Release: More Power. More Speed.

It's taken our R&D team a lot of coffee and some late nights.

But finally it's here. Ready to be put to work.

The new and improved TimeXtender...

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Even faster data warehousing with TX DWA

Feature Highlights in TX DWA, the newest version of TimeXtender's data warehouse automation platform.

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Allowing Failing Data Source

Tired of having to start execution all over again when a connection error occurs?

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