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TimeXtender Data Estate Builder (3)

Harness the Power of Data - 4 Benefits of TimeXtender

Nowadays, companies regularly engage with, operate and leverage data. While digital transformation is essential, with the right technology and a...

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4 Key Benefits of Discovery Hub® Part Two: Efficiency and Reliability

In the first part of this blog series, we dove into two of the principal benefits of utilizing TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub®: Cost-Savings and...

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4 Key Benefits of Discovery Hub® Part One: Security, Compliance and Cost-Savings

Companies looking to embark on a digital transformation journey are often first focused on their pain points and how to solve them rather than the...

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Migration to the Cloud with a Click of a Button

Imagine that your boss asks you to move your on-prem analytics architecture to the cloud. Let’s say they give you a deadline to finish this by the...

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Tool-fatigue: Too Many Ways to Data for Far Too Long

In the early days, accountants made clay tablets to keep track of what the farmers delivered as income tax to the land owner. Of course, they used...

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Discovery Hub® Release 18.6 Is Out - Connect to More Than 100+ Data Sources for Free!

The new release of the Discovery Hub® is out and it is packed with new features that are sure to put a smile on your face and some money back in...

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Mr. Discovery Hub - The One Employee Every Company Needs

Hiring new employees is often a long and intricate process, especially when searching for a candidate with specific or high-level competencies....

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Azure + Discovery Hub® Will Make You Feel on Cloud 9

Azure. It is on the lips of all Microsoft and cloud lovers as of late. But honestly, how do you pronounce it, what is it and why?

Some pronounce...

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Nordisk Film – Getting to Grips With GDPR

As we saw in the previous blog (Nordisk Film – business intelligence and analytics in a modern, diverse company), Nordisk Film is part of...

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Nordisk Film – BI & analytics in a modern, diverse company

There are so many moving parts in any modern business that it’s all too easy to focus on one part, to ignore others and, as a result, to come to...

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Feel Like a Kid In a Toy Store With Self-service BI Tools & Discovery Hub®

Gone are the days when people settled for standard weekly or monthly reports.

Gone are the days of ‘cubes’ set up to deliver a fixed amount of...

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[GDPR] Top 5 need-to-know on BI Analytics Compliance

Only a few days to go now. The media is either ramping up scare stories about the impending GDPR legislation – or totally ignoring it. Even though...

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Multiple Business Intelligence Tools Part 2 – Stay in control, whatever the situation

In our previous blog, Just get the job done, we looked at how you should stop obsessing about tools and procedures and focus instead on serving...

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Multiple Business Intelligence Tools Part 1 - Just Get the Job Done

Sorry to be the one who breaks it to you but you know that new office you’ve just paid a fortune for, all that new IT infrastructure, all those...

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A New Year – A New Product Release

What better way to start the new year than with a new release announcement? From all of us to all of you, we wish you a healthy and prosperous...

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The True Meaning Behind Our Company Name

TimeXtender was created for one fundamental reason:  Because time matters.

Industry research shows that 42% of business leaders need to make...

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[3 min. Video] Product Update: No More Conflicting Reports


At TimeXtender, we're keen to help customers make their self-service analytics dreams come true.Discovery Hub® helps businesses remove the...

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