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TimeXtender Data Estate Builder

Set Up Incremental Load & Scheduled Executions

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 9

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to set up incremental load and scheduled executions in...

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Configure Execution Packages & Scheduler Service in TimeXtender

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 8

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to configure execution packages and the scheduler...

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Lightning Demo: Build a Data Warehouse in 15 minutes

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 7

In this TimeXtender Tuesdays session, we demonstrate how to build a small data warehouse in 15 minutes. If you'd...

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Use AAS as a Semantic Endpoint

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 6

The next topic in our series will cover using Azure Analysis Services as a Semantic Endpoint. If you'd like to...

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Use Azure SQL DB Serverless for Data Warehouse

TimeXtender Tuesdays - Episode 5

The next topic in our series will cover using Azure SQL Single DB Serverless for Data Warehouse Storage. If you'd...

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3 Things You Should Know About Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool

Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pool (previously Azure SQL Data Warehouse), is a massively parallel processing database similar to other...

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BARC Data Management Survey 2022

The Data Management Survey, now in its third year, is a BARC research study focused on the data management tools market.

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Use Azure Data Factory to Ingest On-Premises Data

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 4


This topic in our series will cover using Azure Data Factory (ADF) to ingest on-premise data to the ODX Storage...

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Use Azure Data Lake for ODX Storage

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 3


The next topic in our series will cover using an Azure Data Lake for the ODX Storage. If you'd like to review...

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Configuring your TimeXtender Environment in the App Server

If you have a TimeXtender App Server installed (see Episode 1 of TimeXtender Tuesdays) but need to get the environment configured, the next step...

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Create a TimeXtender App Server in Azure

TimeXtender Tuesday - Episode 1


Welcome to TimeXtender Tuesday (TxT)! Our goal for TxT is to provide short technical, how-to videos about...

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TimeXtender Developed With Customers in Mind

In a recent article published in Dataversity, our CEO, Heine Krog Iversen shared some thoughts about data technology and the overall industry.

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TimeXtender Online Training Curriculum

TimeXtender offers several different training courses to help our customers and partners get a better understanding of how to leverage our...

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How TimeXtender Simplifies Exchange Rates for Global Organizations

A company doing business in multiple countries that wants to enrich its analytics data with currency exchange rates data might not know where to...

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How TimeXtender Technology Helps Covid-19 Global Effort

A few years back, TimeXtender technology was implemented at Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid non-profit organization that helps improve the...

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Video Demonstration Shows How TimeXtender Works with IoT Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing trends in the marketplace. For this reason, companies are looking at innovative ways to...

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TimeXtender Wins Two Top Awards: One for Culture and One for Technology

We’re pleased to share a bit of good news with our friends, followers, fans and industry colleagues. We’re proud to say that TimeXtender has won...

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