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TimeXtender Developed With Customers in Mind

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In a recent article published in Dataversity, our CEO, Heine Krog Iversen shared some thoughts about data technology and the overall industry.

One of the main points of his analysis was that when it comes to solution offerings within the data space that TimeXtender strongly believes the primary focus should always be on doing what’s best for the customer. This is how we conduct business at TimeXtender. Our product was developed with the customer in mind. Our partnership network was formed to better serve customers in their local regions.

When evaluating our modern data-estate platform, you can see how the development behind our technology is clearly suited to benefit the customer. This begins by leveraging the power of automation. With automation, customers can easily build and manage a modern data estate up to 10x faster; they can implement and operate data lakes, data warehouses and data marts to then automate processes for getting data ready for AI and analytics. All this can be done without spending time and resources to write code -- what we call “no-code simplicity.” Our software automates code generation, orchestration and version control across multiple environments, automatically delivers end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis, and automates generation of complete documentation from project metadata.

Another very important point that was made by Heine in his story was about some of the software packages now available that support data management, data infrastructure and cloud. Many of these software packages look very impressive from a bird’s eye view; however, when you take a closer look you will see that many of them actually require multiple tools so that you can build, operate and update your data platform and systems. This might be an easy solution from the vendor’s side of things, but from the customer’s viewpoint it makes for quite a cumbersome method to manage your data enterprise. This is why our technology allows you to build, deploy, manage and maintain your corporate data estate with only one toolset. Again, starting with the customer in mind.

All of this leads to another important consideration about selecting software solutions from the various offerings in the industry. We understand that businesses have many options to choose from when looking at the best way to manage their corporate data. In doing so, we encourage evaluators and decision makers to step back and take a real hard look at the capability of the solution they’re considering rather than being impressed with a company because of “name.” Too many organizations select a company’s solution for managing corporate data because of their size, brand identity, marketing machine or decorative booth at the national trade show. Our belief is that “big” is not always better. TimeXtender takes great pride in maintaining its roots of being a fast-charging, innovative start-up that works closely with customers and partners on a daily basis.

Another main reason for our long-standing success with 3,300 customers is our commitment to innovative excellence. We maintain a steadfast obligation to research and development of our technology and as a Microsoft Partner, Gold Data Platform, work closely within the partner community to make our product compatible for new Microsoft Data Platform upgrades as they become available.

The bottom line is this: businesses, customers and end-users want a cost-feasible, highly efficient platform and methodology to manage their corporate data for the present and the future, for on-premises and/or the cloud. This is TimeXtender’s business – our sweet spot, our one and only focus.

We could go on and on but we recommend that we let our technology do the talking…so how about this: consider a TimeXtender demo to see our product in action and we’ll let you be the judge.


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