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      DWA & BI Business

      Business and IT: Towards a Singularity

      For years, I’ve been writing about the “IT-Business Singularity;” the idea is that in modern business not only relies on IT, but in fact is made...

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      Data Questions

      A famous scientist once told me that in science the answers are easier than the questions.  “Formulating the right questions” is the most...

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      8 Tips for driving your organization into the Age of Data

      In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of companies outsourcing their IT departments globally, the main drivers being lowering...

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      Your Data is Your Business - Speed it Up!

      Imagine a safe full of jewels or a bank locker with important documents, some cash, and some valuable keepsakes.  Imagine a museum filled with...

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      Data Infrastructure - The Time is Now!

      In business, there is always a healthy gap between idea-generation and idea-execution; the logic is that the good ideas are the ones that bubble...

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      Release: More Power. More Speed.

      It's taken our R&D team a lot of coffee and some late nights.

      But finally it's here. Ready to be put to work.

      The new and improved TimeXtender...

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      Even faster data warehousing with TX DWA

      Feature Highlights in TX DWA, the newest version of TimeXtender's data warehouse automation platform.

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      Stop killing productivity - start automating.

      "Too many processes kills productivity and reduce job satisfaction"

      This statement came from Yves Morieux, partner and director in Boston...

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      Data Warehouse Automation Myth 1: A DWA platform cannot do the same as hand-coded ETL and data warehousing


      Do you remember the "Five myths about Data Warehouse Automation"? (If not, read it here.)

      The first myth looked like this:

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      Data Warehouse Automation: start by automating what you already have

      Data Warehouse Automation (continued *) – article number two in the why/how/what/who/ series of Data Warehouse Automation

      Start with automating...

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      The game of (Business) Jokari

      About Strategy, Business Intelligence, KPI’s … and a tennis ball on a rubber string

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      You can't handle single version of the Truth

      There probably are as many truths as there are ... people. So why bother with a single version,  when we know that each person will build their...

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      Cost (of ownership)

      Business leaders focus on value and return

      … not necessarily on risk and cost.

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      The most important Business Intelligence skill is …

      What if you got to choose the most important Business Intelligence Skill. What if you got to choose the best team? What if you need to choose from...

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      The Crazy Maze of Agile Business Intelligence

      Agile Business Intelligence & The Crazy Maze of BI development. Keep your eye on the prize.

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      Automated Business Intelligence: why, how, what?

      This is the first article in a series in which we will talk about how Data Warehouse Automation can greatly improve Decision Support Systems (DSS)...

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