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      2 min read

      Nordisk Film – BI & analytics in a modern, diverse company

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      There are so many moving parts in any modern business that it’s all too easy to focus on one part, to ignore others and, as a result, to come to conclusions based on biased or misleading perceptions.

      The purpose of business intelligence (BI) is to support better business decision-making. Before this can happen, an organisation’s staff, as well as the tools they use, need to be fed by the right data. A perfect example of how BI challenges can be faced and then overcome is Nordisk Film, part of the leading entertainment company in Scandinavia, the Egmont Group.

      Nordisk Film has nearly 2,000 employees and an annual revenue of around €500m. It’s the leading film producer in the Nordic region, the largest cinema chain in Norway and Denmark and the biggest local film distributor across cinema, DVD, Blu-ray and streaming platforms. It is also a local force in games and gaming, particularly PlayStation games and peripheral distribution, Esports and virtual reality. Additionally, its newest venture has placed Nordisk Film as the leading Nordic provider of gift cards and events tickets, both on its own platform as well as a white label for other companies in the region.

      Over the years, this diversification of Nordisk Film has allowed it to flourish but it has also introduced a high level of complexity relating to its data sources. While the film production side of the business is almost purely B2B, the cinema side directly interacts with millions of customers every year. The challenge became keeping track of information across both B2B and B2C business sectors, especially in light of increasing regulation of personal data.

      A future-proof solution0

      Mikkel Hansen is system finance manager at Nordisk Film and, for the last couple of years, he’s been focusing on data warehousing BI and trying to make the company a more data-driven organisation. With 

      15 films produced each year as well as 1.5m gift card sales and 5.5m events tickets, it was obvious that Nordisk Film needed to keep track of all the different kinds of information from many different data sources (more than 500!).

      The company ultimately chose TimeXtender Discovery Hub® as its key system. “Discovery Hub® is our centre for data collection and data wash as it allows us to keep our data valid and reliable, but also secure within a secure environment,” says Mikkel. “Since all the data preparation is done within Discovery Hub®, we can use Excel as a visualisation tool and for calculations made by our analysts. We’re also using SAS Visual Analytics as our main visualisation tool for dashboards and general reporting.”

      Why go with Discovery Hub®?

      “Our previous warehouse containing the feed data was not up to speed and we had difficulty trying to develop new solutions as well as tying different data sources together,” says Mikkel.

      Discovery Hub® provided these key features:

      • Mikkel and just one other employee can handle all data sources, maintenance and documentation through Discovery Hub®
      • It can handle multiple inputs from different key data sources in numerous different formats
      • New solutions can be developed quickly and in-house, often within a single working day
      • Automated self documentation and anonymisation allows the business to comply to the pending GDPR regulation

      That final point has become particularly important since GDPR compliance starts on 25 May this year.

      “It will involve a complete revision of how everyone deals with data,” notes Mikkel. “It will affect how you ask for permission, how you document data and also how you collect, store and then delete data in order to be compliant.”

      But stay cool and don’t get too nervous about GDPR. In our next blog, we’ll look at how Nordisk Film has faced the challenges of data compliance using many of the features built into TimeXtender.

      For now though, listen to more of Mikkel’s thoughts about GDPR, BI and analytics in this webinar:
      GDPR, BI and Analytics - Your Way To Proven, Powerful Compliance

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