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      Feel Like a Kid In a Toy Store with Self-service BI Tools & Discovery Hub®

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      Gone are the days when people settled for standard weekly or monthly reports.

      Gone are the days of ‘cubes’ set up to deliver a fixed amount of data in a predefined format.

      We’re now well into the age of self-service visualizations, self-service analytics, self-service discovery and self-service exploration. Interactively exploring fresh data whenever you feel like it is the new black!

      Look at the shiny things

      Feel like a child again, flipping excitedly through a toy catalog. You thought you only wanted one thing but the more you see, the more you want. So many new things to explore, so many trends, so many toys.

      Even though we’re all grown up now, now and again, work can still make you feel like a child. Occasionally, there is that rare thrill of seeing something new and exciting but more often, it can be a bit of a let down, like arriving at the toy store to find fidget spinners everywhere, but not a single squishy! We all remember the disappointment of having to ask an assistant to find the toy for you. Or even worse, learning that something was sold out, that you’d have to wait weeks until it was back in stock again and there was no way of knowing whether all your friends would even be playing with squishy by then.

      It’s not entirely dissimilar with Business Intelligence. You love to use tools like Power BI, Qlik and Tableau because you like the great dashboards and visualizations that offer great ways to unpack and view emerging trends and patterns.

      But how annoying can it be when you can’t get hold of the data you want the moment you want it – if the shop is closed? What if the data you are looking for is not on the shelf –  the data supply chain is broken? What if the data is hard to find or understand, so you have to go and ‘ask the shop assistant’ by tracking down a colleague in IT? What if you want to add a completely new data source to analyse, like ordering something that’s been sold out?

      Recapture the excitement of discovery

      Data analysts and data scientists face the same situations when using predictive analytics and machine learning tools. These tools are excellent at giving you a nice interface that allows you to view data in all possible ways, but how frustrating is the struggle to find and prepare the data every single time?

      If you are a business analysts or data scientists, analyzing and exploring the data is most likely what you like the most about your job. Not the data preparation, getting access to data sources or combining data from different sources. Not trying to find out the field name of a piece of information that you want to analyze, or having to ask your colleague in IT for help to transform the data so it make sense to you. And certainly not thinking that you have gathered all the information for an analysis only to find that you’ve missed such an important piece of the puzzle, you have to add it and then do the same data preparation all over again.

      No, that single moment of child-like excitement usually comes from the data analytics itself.

      So what if there was a platform that always gives you all the data you need, 24/7, always fresh,
      easy to find, 
      up-to-date, trustworthy, of the best quality and compliant?

      What if there was a platform that makes the data preparation a plug and play breeze? The shop would always open, the products you are looking for would always be on the shelf, easy to find and never out of stock.

      No more concerns about fetching data, no worries about data quality or business logic. All the data you could possibly dream of always at your fingertips, whenever you want.

      Discovery Hub® is doing just that.

      Its secret? An intelligent data supply chain architecture powered by automation. The data always arrives the fastest way possible, just in time. Discovery Hub® makes sure data is always there not only for your experts – data analytics is too important to limit its use to experts – but also for everyone who needs it to do their job in a clever way. Enterprise-wide, every department in your company, every single person that needs data benefits from this platform.

      That’s why modern BI tools and Discovery Hub® make you feel like that kid in the toy store. The BI tools give you the interface to discover patterns and trends and get excited. Discovery Hub® makes sure the data store is filled up, all data in the right place, easy to find, never out of stock.

      Contrary to the old days where a monthly standard report based on data from an enterprise data warehouse was fine, modern BI tools ignite the desire to have fresh data all the time, 24/7. That’s what Discovery Hub® is for: no more waiting, or searching for data. It is just there.


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