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Anne Bach Krog Iversen, Chief DNA & Culture Officer and Pernille Marx, DNA & Culture Communicator

Why Beginning Projects with the “End in Mind” is Crucial

Why Beginning Every Day, Task, and Project with the “End in Mind” is Crucial to Achieving Success


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When Data Powers Good Intentions

Earlier this year, TimeXtender was working with Lorie Steiner, Associate Editor of Business View, on an article about applying mindfulness to...

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Business & Compassion = Success

Cultivating and practicing compassion can have a significant impact on your organization and doing business in general. Creating a culture of...

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How to improve work focus and decision-making in a moment

Every single day of your business life can be hectic, with strict deadlines, lots of meetings and packed personal calendars. Most of the time, we...

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3 Ways to STOP Holiday Stress

The summer holiday season is fast approaching  and you're looking forward to your time off. But first, it’s time to clear off your desk and wrap...

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How mindfulness works in a busy global company

Office Envy: TimeXtender: “Unlike many companies that encourage relaxation off the clock, TimeXtender incorporates mindfulness into the workday...

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