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Anne Bach Krog Iversen, Chief DNA & Culture Officer

Become More Productive by “Putting First Things First”

Let’s face it, we live in a very busy world.

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An Even Brighter Future Working as a Global, Fully Distributed Team

TimeXtender has carved its own path in managing its business with an original organizational structure. While some companies still prefer to...

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[Work Culture] Put First Things First

"Putting first things first means organizing and executing around your most important priorities. It is living and being driven by the principles...

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[Work Culture] Begin With The End In Mind

Setting Your Stage For Success

When you begin with the end in mind, you gain a different and more conscious perspective in business and life.

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[Work Culture] Be Proactive

The global Covid-19 situation is a new and challenging situation for all of us. So, how do we cope with these new circumstances? 

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[Work Culture] Working From Home Saves Lives

TimeXtender’s X-People around the world are joining with hundreds of millions of others to slow the spread of the coronavirus by working from...

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[Work Culture] Tips to Boost Your Energy During Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire 2019  is just around the corner. And I’m sure you and your team are ready to take on the world. 

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[Work Culture]How to Arrive Energized and Calm at Microsoft Inspire

Many of us find that  traveling to conferences can be  stressful and energy draining. Travel often means delayed flights, long queues and traffic...

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[Work Culture] 7 Ways to Boost Your Personal Energy at Work

Many of us, me included, like to blame everybody else other than ourselves. Perhaps it’s the colleague that did not do as agreed, the guy who cut...

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[Work Culture]Reasons to Pack Your Smile for Microsoft Inspire

Getting ready for big conferences like Microsoft Inspire is more than practical preparation - it's also about mental preparation.

Going to...

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[Work Culture] Empowering Quality Decisions Through Mindfulness

Did you ever dream of finding a treasure map where ‘x’ marked the spot? Knowing where treasure lies is  valuable data indeed and one we cultivate...

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[Work Culture] Mindfulness in the midst of unexpected change.

In Mindfulness land, we orient off the one constant in this human experience - change. 


You know how unsettling it can be to get a call from a...

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[Work culture] Bringing heart into business

There are times when important decisions need to be made that you find yourself at an impasse. All the research has been conducted, all the...

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[Work Culture] 7 Easy Tips to Stay Mindful at Conferences

Qlik Qonnections 2018 and other big conference is just around the corner.

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[Work culture] How a moment of silence boosts your mental resources

The digital age offers so many great business possibilities and helps us access all the information we could ever dream of any time any where. 


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[Work Culture] 3 Ways to Land Before High Stakes Meetings

Starting a meeting - one minute of silence is a great way to land, focus your thoughts, and connect to each other and the task at hand. It's not...

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How to Fight Negativity at Work With Mindfulness

Cutting edge research in neuroplasticity confirms what many meditators have long known. We shape our brain, our reality, by what we put our...

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Proactive Mindfulness in Business: Beyond the eye of the storm

How many times do you feel like you are subject to the whims of forces outside your control? An urgent deadline emerges. A key employee resigns...

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