Accelerate Azure Synapse Analytics


Azure Synapse Analytics

What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources — at scale. Azure Synapse Analytics delivers insights from all your data, across data warehouses and big data analytics systems, with blazing speed.

Why use TimeXtender with Azure Synapse Analytics?

TimeXtender helps companies to build cloud-scale analytics on Azure Synapse Analytics by providing an integrated data management platform that produces an intelligent, accelerated and documented modern data estate for analytics and artificial intelligence.




Intelligent Data Management for Azure Synapse Analytics

Because TimeXtender remembers your business logic, not only can it intelligently deploy the right code to the right platform, it orchestrates the entire process, learning from experience and improving load times with each successive execution. This has several implications:


Building data pipelines can be accomplished with lower cost resources who are not required to be coding experts


Customers can upgrade an existing TimeXtender project from on-premises SQL Server or Azure SQL Database onto Azure Synapse Analytics with zero rework or downtime


Our customers can easily leverage new technologies and keep up with increasing demands for data


TimeXtender users have the option to utilize different data platforms/services for development, testing and production. For instance, use SQL Server for development, Azure SQL Database for testing – and then deploy to production on Azure Synapse Analytics

Accelerate Azure Synapse Analytics Deployment

TimeXtender utilizes a simplified drag and drop interface to define data operations without requiring coding skills. Instead, TimeXtender writes code for the user – reducing development and debugging time. And because TimeXtender generates metadata to describe the data and transformations, it:


Greatly accelerates the process of defining data pipelines


Can be used to build Power BI datasets and Analysis Services models for self-service analytics

Document Your Azure Synapse Analytics Environment

As the user defines data connections, integrations, transformations and targets – TimeXtender builds a metadata repository that can be used to document the resulting analytics data estate. The result is:


Complete auto-generated documentation that supports both data governance and maintenance efforts


Full end-to-end data lineage


A data dictionary for analytics – which can be viewed in PowerBI