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In the business intelligence industry it is common knowledge that around 70% of the resources needed to implement and maintain a typical data warehouse can be attributed to the ETL process. Traditionally this makes it a costly and lengthy process which involves substantial risks.

Sometimes you come across software or services, that just sounds too good to be true. Like when timeXtender tells you that you can implement a data warehouse in just 2-3 weeks, following best practices from the world renowned inventor of dimensional modeling Ralph Kimball, Kimball Group. How can this be true when consulting companies, system integrators etc. will tell you that it will take 6-7 months?

The answer is actually pretty simple. When you combine the robust Kimball dimensional model with key principles of agile software development, you get timeXtender – an agile design and deployment tool for ETL and data warehousing. If speed of implementation is major consideration for you (and it should be), then timeXtender should seriously be considered.

Get a free Proof of Concept with timeXtender and see for yourself.

Stop throwing too many consulting hours into something that can be highly automated. We invite you to challenge your implementation partner for your next project. We won’t build your entire project, but we will show you how timeXtender can deliver a fully functional data mart within 1-2 days.

And that is a promise…