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Data Quality

- Enforcement of implicit and explicit primary- and foreign key constraints. – Enforcement of threshold values. – Row or value based checkpoints and notifications.

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Reverse Engineer Data Warehouse

If you have an existing SQL Server data warehouse, the reverse engineering feature allows you to import tables, views, primary key and foreign key constraints, stored procedures and user-defined functions into the TX2014 meta model. This is especially useful when converting your hand coded data warehouses into timeXtender, and means that you do not have

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Automated Performance Optimization

- Hash-bytes – Compressions: supports row-and table based compression on both staging and data warehouse. Implemented automatically based on table classification. Can be manually configured in advance mode.

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As part of getting the best load performance, it is possible to design execution packages for multi-threaded execution – or parallel execution, using a user-defined number of threads per package. The flexible design capabilities allow configurations such as a single threaded master package that controls multi-threaded sub packages. Another common configuration is a “string of

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Table Partitions

Table partitioning offers the ability to separate the contents of a logical table into separate physical storage units. This can greatly improve performance as only the partition(s) affected by a query, an insert or update operation will be touched. TX2014 manages partitions with a template based approach, which allows easy reuse of partition patterns across

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Incremental Load

To improve load performance for very large tables, a feature called Target-based Incremental Load was introduced with timeXtender version 4.5. This feature controls how data is inserted, updated, and deleted between the raw and valid table instances. The Target-based Incremental Load feature is especially useful in scenarios where the source system cannot reliably identify new

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