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Data Warehousing and ETL for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online With timeXtender

Find out how timeXtender solves the issue of extracting data from CRM Online into an on-premise data warehouse. See how the timeXtender CRM adapter, enables you to pull data from all standard entities such as accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, etc. as well as from any custom entities and fields. Date, time and registration At present

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Dynamics CRM Online Adapter

The Dynamics CRM Adapter addresses the fact that more and more companies are using the cloud-based version of Dynamics CRM. In a locally hosted Dynamics CRM solution you can use a SQL Server connector to connect to your CRM data, but in a hosted, cloud-based solution this option is not available. The Dynamics CRM Adapter

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QuickCubes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM Online

QuickCubes for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics CRM Online gives you the following information: Your organization achieves valuable insights into its sales and marketing business that enable you to escalate your sales, refine your everyday processes, and enhance your customer service. Changes in your sales pipeline and the efficiency of your sales organization can be analyzed

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