Training at TimeXtender Academy

Training at TimeXtender Academy is your shortcut to mastering our Data Warehouse Automation platform, TX DWA.

The TimeXtender training classes teach you the key concepts of TX DWA and our agile approach to data warehousing. The training is conducted by our in-house consultants to ensure that you are trained by specialists who know all the ins and outs of the product.

The classes combine theory and hands-on assignments. You’ll get a thorough feel for the product and benefit from the trainers’ specialist knowledge. We encourage both partners and end-users to sign up for training. It ensures that you get off to a flying start with TX DWA.

On-site Training

As an alternative to the regular training classes, we offer on-site training with one of our TimeXtender experts. It is a flexible and cost-effective way of training your employees in TX DWA. We can customize the curriculum to suit your needs and you can train as many or as few employees as you would like.

Contact us to learn more about on-site TX DWA training.

The Classes

TX Agile Dimensional Modeling introduces you to TX DWA and the agile approach to designing data warehouses.

TX ETL expands on your knowledge from TX Agile Dimensional Modeling to teach you how to extract, transform and load data.

TX Certification Workshop is about troubleshooting, performance tuning and gives you the opportunity of becoming a certified TX DWA user.

TX Agile Dimensional Modeling

This two-day training course provides a solid grounding in the basic data warehousing skills and business mindset needed to implement a data warehouse using TX DWA. You will be able to gather and analyze user stories and turn them into detailed requirement specifications. You can then turn the requirements over to technical ETL consultants or developers to carry out the actual ETL process. Or you can attend TX ETL training (see below) and learn how to do it yourself.

The training takes you from a number of dimensional models and simple star schema approaches to more complex models. Upon completion of the training, you will be able to analyze business requests, build models based on user stories, test your models and demonstrate your results to business users. In short, TX DWA Agile Dimensional Modeling enables you to:

  • Use agile methodology for data warehousing projects using TX DWA.
  • Analyze user stories and turn them into star schemas, dimensions and measures.
  • Understand the basic concepts of relational and multidimensional databases.
  • Carry out model based approach.

Audience: Business users, technical users and TimeXtender Software partners.

The TX Agile Dimensional Modeling Class is taught by Rene Dueholm, TimeXtender expert by day and gokart-driver by night.


This two day training class builds on the concepts and models introduced in the TX Agile Dimensional Modeling training. It enables you to implement complex solutions with TX DWA. The ETL training class will introduce you to meta-data driven development using TX DWA. It will close the gap between the validated model and your transactional source systems.

Upon completion of the training, you will feel confident using basic ETL skills such as data extraction, data cleansing, data quality, and data load, as well as more advanced skills such as implementing incremental loading, history, slowly changing dimensions, and deployment. TX ETL training empowers you to:

  • Extract data from various data sources
  • Extract data via Application Adapters
  • Carry out data cleansing and data validation
  • Implement incremental loads
  • Implement history and surrogate keys
  • Implement slowly changing dimensions.

Audience: Business users with basic database knowledge, technical users and TimeXtender Software partners.
Prerequisites: TX Agile Dimensional Modeling training class.

The TX ETL class is taught by Jan Bøllingtoft, TimeXtender expert and probably the fastest person at TimeXtender on a bike.

TX Certification Workshop

The TX Certification Workshop will give you deeper insight into the bits and bytes of TX DWA. Upon completion, you will be able to take your BI solution to the next level. An optional certification test is offered with this training. The certification test takes three hours and takes place immediately after the training. The TX Certification Workshop includes:

  • Working with performance
  • Working with trouble shooting
  • Learning tips & tricks that will make you more confident when presenting TX DWA to others.
  • Taking the Certification test

Audience: TimeXtender Software partners and technical skilled IT developers and consultants.

Thomas Lørup Duun, Product Manager

TX DWA certifications are in the safe hands of Thomas  Lørup Duun, CTO at TimeXtender and excellent at composing rhymes.

Ready to Level Up?

Practical Information

Training Fee

2-day class: $ 1,500 / € 1,400 / DKK 8,000. The fee covers training, training materials, breakfast, lunch and refreshments.


The courses will usually take place at the TimeXtender offices.

Aarhus: Bredskifte Allé 13, 8210 Aarhus V
Seattle/Bellevue: 411 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Accomodation and transportation

Seattle/Bellevue: Two hotels are close by the office: Hayat, Bellevue WA and Westin, Bellevue WA. If you stay at one of these hotels, the TimeXtender offices are just a short walk from your hotel. Closest airport is Seattle Tacoma.
Aarhus: No hotels are within walking distance. If you stay downtown, public transportation is available.


The classes are normally conducted in English, except for classes in Denmark, which are usually in Danish.

Cancellation and transfer policy

We understand that plans can change, however, due to administration costs in connection with the course, a cancellation/transfer fee will be charged. The training registration is binding, and full training fee is to be paid prior to training date according to terms of payment stated on forwarded invoice. We reserve the right to cancel a training class. It that case, you can transfer to another class or get your training fee refunded.


Please contact us at if you have any questions – we’re happy to help!

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