Secop Gains Comprehensive Business Overview with timeXtender and Targit

Secop_Case_Image_287x287Improved sales. Perfectly adapted production. Overview of future sales and prices. The ability to focus on the highest profit products. That’s the reality for Secop, a manufacturer of compressors, after introducing a BI solution from Logica. The solution combines the ETL tool (Extract-Transform-Load) timeXtender and the front-end application Targit.

A Flexible but User-friendly Solution, Please!

Secop was formerly a subsidiary company of Danfoss Group but is now an independent company. When Secop became independent, the company was disconnected from the Danfoss Group’s IT systems – including the BI solution.

“As a replacement for the BI solution, we then began using an abundance of Excel spreadsheets in combination with a SQL database. The process was slow and time consuming, and sometimes the numbers were erroneous because the process was partly manual. So our controllers spent their time correcting errors instead of analyzing data,” says Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director at Secop.

The Excel/SQL solution was developed by an employee who subsequently left the company, and whenever Secop tried to change or customize the solution, it was impossible to assess the consequences. Even minor changes required extra work.

“That’s why we wanted a standard BI solution that was not key person dependent. Working with the ETL part of the solution had to be flexible and simple, and the front-end had to be manageable and easy to use,” says Jesper Daugaard. He mentions two more key areas: “It had to be stable and affordable as well as easy to
implement and maintain.”

Better Than the Obvious Choice

Secop uses an ERP system from SAP and the obvious choice was therefore a BI solution from SAP. However, after comparing the SAP solution with the timeXtender/Targit solution and Secop’s demands, the conclusion was evident.

“In particular, the user friendliness of Logica’s solution was significantly greater than that of the SAP solution. Logica’s solution would also be easier to use and maintain,” says Jesper Daugaard.
The solution uses the timeXtender ETL tool, which automatically grabs data from SAP with a minimum of manual coding involved. Targit ensures that data is presented in a clear and easy way in a user friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Cuts Implementation Time in Half

You don’t need an analysis tool to find the advantages Secop has gained.
“Our BI solution automatically provides the latest numbers. Contrary to the earlier solution, we now have confidence in the BI solution and rely on it for making decisions,” says Jesper Daugaard.


In six weeks timeXtender has accomplished what others have tried to do in six months with SAP BW.

Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director at Secop

Using the BI solution, management can quickly and easily get the latest statement of incoming orders and adapt the production capacity to demand – and that is visible on the bottom line. The solution also provides an overview of the most profitable products and thereby offers the option of focusing on the most profitable markets. However, the solution is not only helpful for management. Secop’s sales team has online access to the solution and can, for example, in just a few seconds get an overview of their performance or their customers’ orders. As a result, they can act proactively if sales begin to decline or come to a halt. This is possible without an IT education.

At the same time, the solution is easy to manage for the IT department.
“When we began the implementation, we could start transferring data from SAP to timeXtender within hours. Halfway through the implementation, we minimized the support from Logica, and the entire implementation was completed in half the estimated time,” says Jesper Daugaard.

“In six weeks timeXtender has accomplished what others have tried to do in six months with SAP BW. The project has not been without challenges, but it makes a big difference when problems are solved within 15-20 minutes rather than in days or weeks,“ says Jesper Daugaard.

Secop’s employees can expand and customize the solution, and the number of external resources required for BI has been minimized. In addition, the solution reduces operation and usage costs, and the Return on Investment (ROI) is less than 12 months.

The project has not been without challenges, but it makes a big difference when problems are solved within 15-20 minutes rather than in days or weeks.

Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director at Secop

One Single Solution From Logica

There’s an adage that no-one ever got fired for buying SAP. That’s why choosing something different was a big decision.

“We considered the transfer of data from SAP to timeXtender a risk. So Logica gave us the following guarantee: If it could not be done right away, we could end the agreement without charge,” says Jesper Daugaard, and continues: “Logica has a good understanding of our business and we’ve felt very comfortable working with them.”

Secop does not regret choosing a solution outside of the SAP space despite the risk.
“The solution meets our expectations. Though it consists of more than one application, our experience is that we’ve bought a complete solution from Logica,” says Jesper Daugaard.

Secop Advantages:

  • Better BI at lower operation costs
  • Current overview of the business and an optimal basis for handling resources
  • The BI solutions is managed by internal resources and there’s no key person dependency
  • Built with highly stable standard systems
  • Implementation in half the estimated time

Secop GmbH manufactures compressor solutions for household, retail and mobile cooling systems. Secop was formerly a part of the Danfoss Group became an independent company in 2010. Secop’s administration and Research & Development (R&D) departments are located in Flensburg, Germany, and the production facilities are located in Slovakia and in China. Secop currently has 2500 employees and had a turnover of more than EUR 300 million in 2011.

For more information:
Contact Carl-Gustav von Schimmelmann at Logica:
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