ProShop Stay on Top of Its Business With timeXtender

Proshop_Case_Image_287x287”timeXtender® and Excel give us a fast overview of all our data, and with that, a completely updated basis for decision. For many years we built up a SQL-database with steadily increasing amounts of useful information about our sales, our customers and much more. But it was expensive – a lot of costly consultant hours were used to retrieve this information from the system so we could work with it to set the right prices and have the right products on the shelves. But it’s not like that anymore. Now we use timeXtender to move all our data from SQL to a data cube from which Excel retrieves all the data. It’s quick and easy.”

That’s the story from Morten Duch who is Store Manager for the online Internet store, which is one of Denmark’s most successful Internet stores with more than 45,000 product numbers within the areas of IT, television, video, photography, telephones, and Hi-fi equipment, and with more than 50,000 names in its customer files.

Required: A Strong Business Intelligence Solution

Success has been achieved. And the reasons are hard work, competitive prices and an effective working relationship with suppliers. Future growth must, to a large degree, come from, which is targeted towards a broader population. Here, efforts are being made to choose the most relevant products and set the right prices on a daily basis, and therefore it’s even more important to have a strong Business Intelligence solution to help in the decision making processes.: “Everyone who, like us, has worked in retail, knows how extremely important it is to be able to analyze and find the patterns and relationships in all the data that we continuously collect on just about everything, such as, the sale and profit margin of each product number, or the cross sale between products, or the cost benefit calculation of our television advertising and special campaigns,” explains Morten Duch

”In certain areas it is crucial to have a proper Business Intelligence system so you can, for example, identify the products that earn money and the ones that don’t. And that is just as important for Internet shops like ours because the competition here is even harder than in ordinary retail shops because everything is electronic. So we have even more need for a top professional BI solution than an ordinary retail shop,” Duch says.


First we needed help from specialists when we wanted to extract new data – now we do it ourselves.

Morten Duch, Store Manager responsible for Business Intelligence with Proshop

The employees in ProShop must be tuned in to what’s going on at all times. And now they are with the new combination BI solution where timeXtender pulls data out from the Microsoft SQL database and builds a “data cube” from which the Excel reports can retrieve data to present them in an easy-to-understand way with colours and graphics.

Great Expectations From the New Business Intelligence Solution

Morten Duch expects even greater things from their new solution: “We have just begun to discover and use all the exciting information that is hidden in the historic numbers that we gather on a regular basis. But we can already confirm that the solution went live according to the time plan and to the price we agreed upon. And we can already see that it lives up to the guarantees of speed and user-friendliness that we received from timeXtender. Also when we run our regular Excel reports and when we need to define new ones. Before timeXtender, we had to engage help from IT specialists for that type of work. Now we do it ourselves. And on top of that, we have so many new retrieval possibilities that we didn’t have with our old solution. For example, now we can make cost benefit analysis on our sales promotions and we can segment our customers much better than before.”