Miracle CBI Buddyshop ApS

Experts in Business Intelligence

Miracle CBI Buddy Shop is one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark. Founded in 2009, Miracle Buddy Shop now has offices in Denmark, Sweden, Poland and the UK. Presently, Miracle Buddy Shop hos more than 300 consultants on contract and a yearly turnover of more than DKK 300 million. Furthermore, Miracle Buddy Shop has a designated business area called “Miracle CBI Buddy Shop”. Miracle CBI Buddy Shop experts in Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and master data management. They have their own consultants as well as a large number of very skilled consultants in their résumé database. Miracle CBI Buddy Shop deliver everything from governance to development and deployment as well as infrastructure and ETL to reports – also on devices. Miracle CBI Buddy Shop has 50 consultants on contracts and a yearly turnover of more than DKK 40 mio. For the first time, Miracle CBI Buddy Shop is now able to deliver data warehouse automation solutions though the partnership with TimeXtender.