Multiple Environment Deployment

Before I started using Multiple Environment Deployment,
I had to build cubes outside of office hours, so that I didn’t disturb users in their work if I made mistakes or had to deploy new cubes.”

Flemming Andersen, IT Manager, JP Group


As the BI backend has become a mission critical asset, it is often needed to have separate environments for development and test, prior to implementing additions and modifications into the live environment. Common scenarios are development-test-live and development-test-QA-live.

With the Multiple Environment Deployment feature, you are offered a configuration approach to ease the migration progress across as many environments as you require. Projects are always transferred as a whole, thus you will never again need to worry about forgetting to transfer or change individual tables or packages. All transfers are version controlled and sequence is enforced, to prevent unintended transfers.

Please refer to the Multiple Environments: Deployment Guide document on the support portal for more details.

This short video shows you the benefit of using the Multiple Environments Deployment feature.

Next video is a detailed video showing how to setup multiple environment transfers:

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