Support for Any Data Source

TX DWA enables you to use almost any source right out of the box. In addition, we have intelligent adapters for popular systems.

Supported data sources

  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Informix
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Excel sheets
  • NAV 2.60, 3.60, 3.70, 4.00 Native ODBC
  • ODBC
  • Oracle
  • Text files
  • AnySource: OleDB and ADO providers


With the AnySource data source, you can connect to any data source that you have an OLE DB or ADO provider installed for on your server. Instead of waiting on us to create a new data source connector that enables you to connect to a specific system, you can acquire a provider from the system developer or a third party vendor.

Application adapters

Application Adapters are intelligent data sources with logic that makes connecting to popular systems easier. The adapters know how the system in question stores data and uses this knowledge to simplify data extraction for you.

SAP R/3 Application Adapter

If your organization uses SAP, you can easily extract data from your SAP R/3 system into a Microsoft SQL Server based data warehouse solution with TX DWA. It has never been easier to migrate data from R/3 to SQL Server.

The TX DWA SAP adapter offers you a number of different modules for SQL Server based on certified technology from German SAP experts Theobald Software:

  • Table. Extracts data quickly and reliably. Depending on your need, data can also be restricted with any Where statement. There is also support for Dynamic SQL statements, including SSIS variables.
  • Query. Makes type-safe SSIS data flows from SAP Queries available in just seconds.
  • DeltaQ. Connects to the extractor API of the SAP system and thereby utilizes the functionality that SAP’s Business Information Warehouse (BW) systems use to manage their data supply from the ERP production system. It enables SAP controlled incremental loads.
  • BAPI. Makes it possible to call BAPIs and RFC function modules directly from your SSIS data flow.
  • BW Cube. Extracts attributes and key measures from BW Cube and BEx Queries. Complex multidimensional data structures are turned into relational data that are easy to handle.

Salesforce Application Adapter

With TX DWA, your data is no further away than the server in your basement. The TX DWA SalesForce adapter enables you to use your organization’s CRM and sales data in on an equal footing with locally hosted production systems or other remote data sources. A 360-degree view of your business is just a few clicks away.

Dynamics CRM Application Adapter

The Dynamics CRM Adapter addresses the fact that more and more companies are using the cloud-based version of Dynamics CRM. In a locally hosted Dynamics CRM solution you can use a SQL Server connector to connect to your CRM data, but in a hosted, cloud-based solution this option is not available.

The Dynamics CRM Adapter comes with the same interface and options as other data source adapters in TX DWA.

  • Preview of source data
  • Selection Rules (except custom selection rules)
  • Additional data source connectors
  • Incremental Load

Dynamics NAV Adapter

TX DWA gives you unlimited access to information in Dynamics NAV.

  • Global company accounts selection with an option of overriding at table level
  • Single logical data model – including SIFT tables regardless of the number of physical tables
  • Dimension table merge across company accounts

Dynamics AX Adapter

The tailor-made Dynamics AX adapter simplifies and speeds up the process of unlocking data from the ERP system.

  • Global company accounts selection with an option of overriding at table level
  • Virtual company accounts extraction including table collections and tables
  • Base enums and associated labels extraction

Other adapters

In addition to the adapters mentioned above, we have adapters for the following systems available:

  • Dynamics GP
  • Infor10
  • Infor M3 (Movex)
  • UNIT4 Business Unit (Agresso)


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