TimeXtender Announces Release of TX DWA

The product has several major upgrades and new features to help data warehouse developers and users receive reporting and analysis straight from a data warehouse. The new tool also improves speed, performance, execution, and ease-of-use for numerous DWA tasks.

TimeXtender Announces TX2014 SR2

Building a data warehouse with TX2014 is already much faster than the alternative of coding the entire solution “by hand.” Now, with TimeXtender’s new TX2014 SR2, data warehouse builders have more development functionality and can build their data warehouse significantly faster.

TimeXtender Expands into Australia and New Zealand

TimeXtender, the leading Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) provider, announces the opening of TimeXtender Australia. Located in Sydney and Wellington (NZ), TimeXtender Australia holds the distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand and provides sales and consulting services throughout both regions.