Heine Krog Iversen


Heine Krog Iversen is the CEO of TimeXtender. He founded the company in 2005. For more than ten years, Heine has been the chief executive responsible for guiding TimeXtender to more than 2,600 customers across 60 countries, transforming TimeXtender from a small startup to the world’s largest provider of Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) software for the Microsoft SQL Server market.

Heine oversees strategic planning, global outreach, positioning and differentiation, and organizational growth. He has worked tirelessly to manage TimeXtender’s hyper growth, overseeing seventy percent annual growth rates and building the management systems needed to support a rapidly growing organization such as regional offices, new staff, sales channels, and alliances and partnerships.

He has also played an instrumental role as an industry thought leader in helping to educate the market about the DWA lifecycle, and explaining  the advantages and benefits for a company choosing DWA  over the more classical approach of data warehouse implementation, operations, and maintenance.

Prior to TimeXtender, Heine was a co-founder and partner at NeoProcess, an IT consultancy that provides services related to business process optimization, workflow, ERP systems, and business intelligence for private companies in manufacturing, logistics and trade.

Heine received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Southern Denmark.

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