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Would you like to join our exciting journey? TimeXtender is looking for talented and dedicated individuals for our X-People team. Go ahead and check out our job openings and find your next great learning experience.

You are a potential for the X-People team if, 

  • You thrive in a fast-moving environment, where we are building the organization as we go. We don’t have a lot of have to’s and must-do’s, and there probably isn’t a usually established yet.
  • You take responsibility for you own work and don’t mind taking the lead in your area of expertise. We hire smart people and expect them to take ownership and contribute to the best of their abilities.
  • You believe that simplifying and automating is the best way to get shit done! We prefer not to complicate things, and we love to work with people who can teach us how to execute bigger and better with the same or less effort.

You need not apply and are probably not a fit for our culture if,

  • You prefer that every procedure and process has been outlined and implemented, before you get involved. (Our company is young and even though our product is more than ten years old, and quite experienced by now, our organization is still a pre-teen.)
  • You do not feel comfortable in an agile, flexible environment, where we look for the best way to achieve success and make changes when we learn of smarter ways of working.
  • You believe business is business. We believe people do business with people, and we encourage that everyone join our meditation and mindfulness sessions, which can only be done, if you take your whole self to work.


We believe time matters, so at TimeXtender we take the time to find the best and most authentic talent to join our X-team.

If you are interested in joining a unique team, highly focused on getting shit done, while prioritizing what’s important and focusing on keeping the balance, do not hesitate to give me a shout and send me your CV.

Margarida Matias

Talent Recruiter, EMEA & North America, TimeXtender

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