Nov. 3: The New CFO – Live Webinar

In the modern economy, with the advent of technology and digitization, the role of the CFO is itself changing and expanding. From “Accountant” to “Business Driver,” this transition is key to the growth and acceleration of businesses worldwide. Join us for a live webinar on “the new CFO”.

Oct. 27: Business Intelligence Seminar, Kolding

Would you like to see what hides behind the term business intelligence? Then the Business Intelligence Seminar hosted by Elbek & Vejrup, one of our Danish partners, might be something for you.

June 2 & June 4: BI-Dage, Denmark

If you’re interested in Business Intelligence and/or a TimeXtender customer and in Denmark, you can look forward to the 2015 edition of our BI-Dage events. This year the free events will take place in Copenhagen on June 2 and Aarhus on June 4.

Training first half of 2015

Training at TimeXtender Academy is the shortcut to mastering TX2014. See the training dates for the first half of 2015 here.


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