Carl Hansen Scales with TimeXtender

Carl Hansen and Son have achieved a consistent 30% annual growth over the last three years and with it, the challenge of scalability. The high-end Danish furniture company knew that they needed a clear way to present, track, and rely on incoming data from three continents, particularly around backlogged orders and invoiced sales organized by product and country.

When CEO Knud Erik Hansen discovered TimeXtender he had to act. The TX solution not only ensured a timely order to delivery process, but also provided reliable data. According to IT Manager Peter Bjarne Andersen, the long-term payoff of this gave Carl Hansen and Son the time to, “Use on analyzing our business, enabling us to focus on how we can influence the bottom line”.

TimeXtender also empowered Carl Hansen and Son to proactively respond to changing market demands with a time and money saving tool. Through its dynamic feature allowing a company’s internal IT to perform desired updates and modifications, Andersen states, “Instead of being at the mercy of external IT consultants each time we need to make even a small change, we now have the in-house expertise to handle the code ourselves”. Power returned to the people responsible for the company’s future instead of staying isolated in IT. Carl Hansen and Son can now track and orient their course through the global market with confidence and relevant, reliable data to drive their decisions.

”Now, data errors are eliminated at a very early stage and our analyses delve deeper, giving us an accurate picture of our business. In short, the availability of data and credible knowledge provides us with a valid and flexible basis for decision making” – Knud Erik Hansen, CEO, Carl Hansen & Son.

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