Agile Dimensional Modeling – 2-day class

This training provides a solid grounding in the basic data warehousing skills and business mindset needed to implement a data warehouse using TX2014.

Upon completion of the training you will feel much more confident using timeXtender. You will be able to gather and analyze user stories, and turn them into detailed requirement specifications as working prototypes that you can turn over to technical ETL consultants or developers to carry out the actual ETL process, or you can attend the timeXtender ETL training and learn how to do it yourself.

The training takes you from a number of dimensional models and simple star schemas approaches to more complex models. Upon completion of the training you will be able to analyze business requests, build models based on user stories, test your models and demonstrate your results to business users.

All in all, TX2014 Agile Dimensional Modeling qualify you to:

  • Use agile methodology for data warehousing projects using TX2014.
  • Analyze user stories and turn them into star schemas, dimensions and measures.
  • Introduction to the basic concepts of relational and multidimensional databases.
  • Carry out model based approach.


The TX2014 Agile Dimensional Modeling training classes are designed for business users, technical users and timeXtender partners.

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