Automatic Generation of QlikView Scripts

Join us for this 30 minutes free webinar, where we will show you how to generate the scripts needed for QlikView reports, directly from your Data Warehouse based on Microsoft SQL Server.

Many QlikView customers are realizing that they need or could benefit from building a Data Warehouse as the foundation for their QlikView solution.  This implies a lot of extra work, as the IT department now has to maintain not only the scripts for building the data models but also the Data Warehouse and the ETL process.

timeXtender introduces a solution to this problem, as we now mix the agile approach to building and maintaining the Data Warehouse with the option to select the part of the Data Warehouse that will be the data source for the QlikView report and auto generate the scripts, completely ready to use.

The savings in maintaining the entire solutions will be substantial and gives you the option to react faster to changing requirements and do this in-house and limit the need for expensive consultants.

This session is hosted by timeXtender product experts, providing you expert knowledge straight from the source.


Developers, IT Professionals, Business Professionals that are working with QlikView.

Date, time and registration

At present time there are no pre-scheduled dates. Would you like to book a free webinar session, please contact us at