Every day, we work to make the complex

simple, to automate all that can be

automated in the data discovery lifecycle,

and to execute on what matters most.


To achieve this goal, we must be at our best, both as individuals and as a team. So we strive to be mindful of ourselves, of each other, and of the customers and partners we serve. To put it simply, we are what we give.

This is why, at TimeXtender, we start meetings with a moment of silence, a moment to clear our minds and connect with the importance of time and how we choose to spend it. This impacts not only the way we build and release products and solutions, but also how we think, how we communicate, and how we are perceived. When our customers and partners share this vision, our efforts are successful. Because time matters, we engage fully charged.

Meet our founder and CEO 
Heine Krog Iversen

Hi, there!

Say hello to our wonderful
Chief DNA & Culture Officer
Anne Krog Iversen


DNA and Culture

Seven great habits

Live the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and take care of the goose that lays the golden egg.

One minute of silence

We start our meetings with one minute of silence to land, focus and connect with ourselves and the task at hand.

The power of mindfulness

Loosen up the body as well as the mind with in-office yoga and mindfulness breaks.

We serve our customers through a global network of partners